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"Why More Funds, Jill?"

If you look at the largest nonprofits, they all have an abundance of one thing. REVENUE.

They have a consistent way of reaching their donors and funders because:
  • They have the revenue to purchase systems and platforms that will help them gain access to donors and funders.
  • They have the revenue to hire staff that can manage their fundraising activities and cultivate their donor base. 
  • They have the revenue to promote their programs and services in a way that will attract even more donors and funders.

"This One Strategy Got Us $5,000 In Revenue Before Even Launching Our Nonprofit!"

Learn How 'Lofte Ground' Got Funds Coming In Before Providing Services
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"Jill Taught Me How to Be Savvy With My Time"
“Wow! I met Jill a few years ago online.  I told her my desire to start a nonprofit to teach low-income youth how to fly an aircraft. I had no idea how to start. Within a year Jill helped me develop a nonprofit with a STEM focus using aviation activities. With Jill's guidance I secured local news coverage, which caused a massive interest in the program. We had to close down registration because we could not take in anymore participants. I was also able to get lots of requests to speak at events, which gave me additional income. Because of the way Jill advised me to build the organization I was able to hire staff to manage the day-to-day operations and have the option to keep my full-time career working in aviation.  Jill knows her stuff."

   --- Jonathan Neal, Founder, Outreach Aviation
"Jill's Funding Guidance Changed Our Lives!"
"When Jill helped us start our nonprofit back in 2012 we had our minds set on grant funding because that was all we had heard about funding.  Although Jill worked as a grant proposal reviewer for the Federal government she taught us other ways to fund our nonprofit----in addition to grants----that newbies like us were not aware of.  One way was partnering with other organizations to provide fee-for-service. Fast forward 9 years later, taking Jill's advice, we are a very lucrative organization serving low income moms.  Our 2022 goal is to employ 100 and we are currently at 40 employees.  We are also in the process of expanding into our SECOND location." 

   --- Priscilla Ofosu, Co-Founder/Executive Director, Lean On Us Unity

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